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  • Jack Fanning

Through Spindle Coolant: The Must have Machine Option

Through spindle coolant (TSC) is very helpful for removing chips while drilling or tapping difficult holes and has become a staple in modern machining processes. Hyundai-Wia includes TSC as a standard option on their machining centers to make it easier for manufacturers to reduce their cycle times, preserve the quality of their tools, and maintain precise and clean holes on work pieces.

Flood coolant systems have a hard time removing chips from deep holes so the they can get stuck in the hole leading to loss of precision and possible tooling damage. To prevent this, peck drilling must be used on deeper holes to prevent chip packing. This drastically increases the time it takes to drill a hole and ultimately your cycle time. Additionally, TSC prevents “bell-mouths” on your holes which is when the tool slows down because of the chips in the hole leading to poor surface quality especially around the lip of the hole. TSC lets you drill in one straight shot with a much higher feed rate leading to a much faster and cleaner hole.

Many automotive, aerospace and oil/gas companies have switched to exclusively using TSC systems for their work because of its many benefits. If you find yourself drilling into tougher materials, a through spindle coolant system is a must-have.

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