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  • Jack Fanning

Why WINCNC is a Total Win for Cincom Machinists

Citizen Cincom machines come equipped with WINCNC, a special CNC Programming system designed especially for Citizen users to make creating, editing, and running programs a breeze. WINCNC is the perfect tool to help you make the digital transition and comes with many built-in tools to help you work with different CNC code sections.

Create and edit programs with ease right on your Fanuc or Mitsubishi control panel. You can cut, copy, and paste data within the editor, saving your users lots of time replicating or editing common programs. There are function keys within the program for finding a center drill feed depth, SFM-RPM, thread/groove/mill flats programming, and radius comp. The new Program Queue Check feature will check all special sync codes to confirm accurate and proper alignment, which will save you the frustration of troubleshooting it manually.

If you need help, you can always view M and G code help commands at any time with the press of a button. This feature is excellent for helping new programmers learn the ropes of programming with a Cincom machine as the software provides detailed descriptions of each element and function all in one window. Printing code is made easy with the Simple Print function, which can automatically print your program for you in a two or three-column layout on screen depending on your machine preferences, saving paper and time.

The software connects seamlessly to your computer and is also configurable to send and receive data from other compatible machines in your shop, making this a must-have for job shops looking to push their products into the digital age.

WINCNC comes pre-installed on all new Cincom machines and can be retrofitted to any device running Win95 or greater. Contact your local Cincom dealer to start taking advantage of WINCNC today!

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