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Want to minimize cutting time on multi-operation parts? Choose Miyano Machines with Superimposition

“I hate this machine.” Said a veteran machinist to our salesman at one of our customer’s plants. He was there to do a customer checkup after installing a brand new Miyano BNX-51MSY in their facility. The machine was running non-stop ever since it was installed and was turning out parts at blistering speeds.

“You hate this machine?” said the salesman with a puzzled look on his face. “I thought everything was working properly. Do I need to call our service department and schedule an appointment for you?” The machinist laughed.

“No, that’s the problem.” he said, “This machine is too good at what it does. It’s too fast. Trying to keep up with it is impossible, and it makes my job a nightmare.”

The BNX-51MSY, like other models in its series, comes with Miyano’s Superimpositioning feature.

Superimpositioning refers to the machine’s ability to use the spindle, sub-spindle, and turret to perform up to 3 separate processes at once, greatly increasing productivity and part output. When machining is performed on the main spindle, the back spindle synchronizes its movement with the tool slide to simultaneously perform a separate operation. Other automatic lathes are capable of simultaneous machining, but Miyano machines utilize superimpositioning for rapid results. This feature is arguably one of the greatest strengths of Miyano Fixed Headstock Type CNC Automatic Lathes.

Miyano turning centers excel at automated work and can output parts at an unprecedented rate. These machines are compatible with robotic loading and unloading systems, which makes them a must-have for plants looking to make the switch to around-the-clock operation. With dozens of options and attachments, Miyanos are highly customizable to ensure your machine performs exactly to your specifications.

Think you’re ready to make the switch? Give us a call and request a quote.

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