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  • Jack Fanning

The Advantages of Photon Energy’s PERMAblack Laser Marking Technology

Photon Energy is a German manufacturer of laser sources and laser workstations.

With more than 25 years of experience in the laser optics industry, Photon Energy’s ultrashort pulse laser marker systems are nothing short of world-class.

The most impressive technology behind Photon Energy’s laser markers is the PERMAblack laser marking system. Developed by Photon Energy, the PERMAblack marking process consists of ultrashort laser pulses lasting only a few picoseconds. With such a short duration of time, the laser marks the workpiece without producing heat.

The PERMAblack marking process has numerous advantages over conventional laser marking, the most important of which is the marking’s permanence. PERMAblack markings last the lifetime of the instrument without bleaching or fading from its deep black color no matter how many times it has been passivated or sterilized in an autoclave.

PERMAblack laser marking is permanently resistant to any fading or bleaching

When passivating instruments that have been marked by conventional laser markers, like fiber lasers or YAG lasers, one must have to find the sweet spot between protecting the instrument from future corrosion and maintaining the marking’s readability. The more the instrument is passivated, the less readable the markings are, but if the instrument is not sufficiently passivated, it will become prone to corrosion. Manufacturers using conventional laser markers must passivate the instrument twice—first to achieve a base corrosion protection before the instrument is marked and a second passivation afterward to protect the laser marked area. Because this process is so difficult, many companies produce a high number of instruments that must be rejected due to unsuccessful passivation.

However, instruments marked with Photon Energy laser markers do not need to be passivated for a second time after it is marked. This is due to PERMAblack’s ability to mark instruments without heat. This means that the material’s surface layer remains unchanged—the markings appear due to the laser altering the material on a molecular level.

PERMAblack’s ultrashort laser pulses allow the laser to mark materials without producing heat

Besides producing a superior product, Photon Energy laser markers also save costs for both manufacturers and customers, because the marked the instruments only need one passivation and never need to be remarked.

If you’re interested in learning more about the advantages of Photon Energy’s PERMAblack marking technology, watch Kearney Machinery’s Photon Energy: 3 Reasons to USE PERMAblack to Mark Medical Instruments featuring Photon Energy’s market development manager, Hans-Peter Wunde.

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