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Excetek’s Digital Power Manager

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Excetek EDM machines reside at the cross-point of performance and value by providing many unique features to assist your machining. One of Excetek’s most advanced technologies is the Digital Power Manager found in the G Series Wire-Cutting Machines. The Digital Power Manager is a powerful software that uses high-speed chip to detect the digital signal of sparking discharge density which provides feedback to the CNC system.

By analyzing discharge density, the Digital Power Manager provides near perfect speed and accuracy

This information allows the Digital Power Manager to control sparking energy, wire tension force, and water pressure more precisely. This increases machining speed and accuracy, especially when machining workpieces that require angular precision, and workpieces that have segment deviation, blind holes, or irregular thicknesses.

In addition to improved speed an accuracy, Excetek’s Digital Power Manager also features Smart Corner Control, Super Finish Circuit, and Entrance Mark Control. Thanks to a new wire control strategy, the SCII Smart Corner control improves corner erosion by 50% and reduces residues during inner corner machining.

Smart Corner Control also reduces shaping errors by up to 40%

The Digital Power Manager’s Super Finish Circuit allows workpieces to achieve extraordinary levels of surface roughness. By using high frequency sparking energy the Super Finish Circuit can achieve a surface roughness of Ra0.2㎛ and up to Ra0.14㎛.

Lastly, the Digital Power Manager’s Entrance Mark Control provides entrance and exit marks with section depths within surface roughness significantly decreasing polishing time.

With Entrance Mark Control, concave section depth is within the workpieces’ surface roughness

Excetek is a Taiwanese manufacturer of high-quality EDM machines. With a wide range of EDM’s from wire and small hole drill to gantry type sinker EDM’s, Excetek has your machining needs covered.

Excetek was started in 2006 in Taiwan and quickly became one of the world’s top EDM providers. In 2009, Excetek developed the world’s first turbine ring machine, the R2000, and only a year later introduced the world’s largest EDM machine, the V3280, capable of machining workpieces weighing over 22,000 lbs. Since, Excetek has won over 20 domestic and global awards while providing sales and services to 40 plus countries.

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